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Nearly 1,200 Students Participate in Ashford University Commencement Ceremonies
More than 10,000 graduates earned their college degrees

 Nearly 1,200 students took part in Ashford University's two commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 4, donning caps and gowns to receive their diplomas and celebrate their educational achievements. Almost 6,000 people attended the ceremonies held at the iWireless Center in Moline, Ill. Since the last commencement ceremony in October 2013, more than 10,000 students have earned Ashford University undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The commencement ceremonies culminated a weekend filled with activities that started with a celebration for graduates and their families on Saturday, May 3, at Ashford's Clinton, Iowa campus. One highlight of Saturday's events was a special presentation by Ken Fisher, Forbes columnist, author, and money manager.

Emily Ramsey, who had served as president of the Ashford University Student Government Association (SGA), was one of the Clinton campus students who received her undergraduate diploma in Moline. "It's so awesome to see how proud my family is. I'm one of three in my family to pursue a college degree and finish, so they are all beaming with joy," she said. "My aunt walked into the iWireless Center already crying because she was so proud of my accomplishments. It was a big moment for me, but an even bigger moment for my family."

Ramsey and Branden Lambiase, SGA vice president, were chosen to speak during the morning commencement ceremony. "I was so honored to be able to give remarks at graduation," Ramsey said.

Sgt. Keni Thomas, one of the U.S. Army Rangers involved in the battle that would later be recounted in the book and movie Black Hawk Down, presented the keynote addresses at both commencement ceremonies.

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