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Finding a Better Version of You: Life-Long Learning Opens the Door to Self-Improvement
Ashford University professor shares tips on how to continue learning throughout life

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Life-long learners are explorers and adventurers. They seek out information and open themselves up to new ideas and experiences. According to Dr. Celeste Campbell, professor and academic department chair in the College of Education at Ashford University, a commitment to life-long learning is one of the key ingredients to a successful career and a successful life.

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"Humans are naturally very curious and when you allow that curiosity to provide you with new experiences, you are constantly learning and becoming a better version of yourself," said Dr. Campbell. "With technology today, you can do all of these things right from your living room: pick up a book, watch a TED Talk, have a conversation with someone from a different part of the country. These are all ways to learn and experience new things."

Dr. Campbell says that a large part of being a life-long learner is being open to new ideas and new perspectives. "The students in my curriculum development class are experienced teachers, so when I present them with a different model, I challenge them to play around with it in their brains, to experiment with it and explore it more. As long as they take something away from it, put a different twist on what they are doing to better serve their students, I know they are growing as professionals and learning."

"The alternative is to be stagnant and stay where you are," Dr. Campbell said. "If you view not reaching your goal as a mistake or a missed opportunity, you end up being afraid to take chances and try. That's the wrong mindset. As long as you keep trying and making progress each time, you are learning and growing, and that is a positive thing."

But how should people pursue a path of life-long learning? Dr. Campbell offers the following advice: pursue professional development opportunities, read materials related to your industry, listen to your colleagues and people around you to learn from them, and never stop being curious.

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About Dr. Celeste Campbell
Dr. Celeste Barnette Campbell serves as lead faculty in Ashford's College of Education. Her extensive professional experience in the field of education includes positions as a high school science teacher, director of student activities, assistant principal, and elementary school principal. She holds teaching credentials from University of California, San Diego and California State University, San Marcos. She earned her bachelor's in biology and religion from Duke University, her master's in educational leadership from University of San Diego, and her doctorate in educational leadership from University of California, Los Angeles.

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