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An Authentic, Empowered, Complete Person: What Motherhood Looks Like Today
Ashford University associate vice president describes the role of the modern mother

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Mindy Sloan, Ashford University associate vice president of research and student success, is no stranger to juggling multiple roles. As a mother of four and a working professional, Dr. Sloan has seen motherhood evolve over the years and believes technological advances are helping women live fuller, more robust lives.

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"Every mother has one goal: to be the best mom she can be," said Dr. Sloan. "Whether that's working at home, on Wall Street, or at a food bank, you make a commitment to being 'the best you.' The best you serves as a role model to your children and demonstrates what it means to be a good person who is committed to serving others."

For many mothers, this status as a role model entails a journey back to school. Whether they are pursuing their first degree or returning to college for an advanced degree, student mothers are emphasizing the importance of education. "When you go to college, you show your children they are college kids – they are smart, confident, and worthy," Dr. Sloan said. "Demonstrating that through your own behavior is a huge gift to your children."

"Being a mom doesn't stop, but your role and function changes over time as you adapt to the needs of your children," Dr. Sloan stated. "We are all committed to on-going learning because we all want to be a good mom."

Thanks to advances in technology, busy parents are finding it easier to attend college via online platforms. The cyber world has also enabled mothers to create a community to share stories, ask for advice, and lean on one another. "Barriers are broken down and women are brought together, making us stronger as mothers and as people," Dr. Sloan said. "It also provides all of us with greater opportunities for success and to learn from each other."

"I believe that women have always had a responsibility to wear many hats in the family," said Dr. Sloan. "We have a greater opportunity to see women do it more effectively than we ever have before. Women are challenging barriers to become fuller human beings."

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About Dr. Mindy Sloan

Mindy Sloan, Ph.D. is Associate Vice President of Research and Student Success at Ashford University. She is also the mother of four college students who are each finding their way into adulthood. Her educational background as a school psychologist prepared her for many of the challenges faced by today's learners. But being a mother has given her greater insights into the importance of good parenting, the stresses that can compromise a parent's abilities to do her best, the unwavering commitment of a caring parent, and the lessons one can learn from her children.

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