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Ashford University Names Outstanding Alum of the Month
Alyssa Bergeron defied expectations to achieve her degree

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There was a time in her life when it looked like a college degree was beyond Alyssa Bergeron's reach. As a teen, she struggled with school and felt higher education would be impossible. But as an adult, wife, and mother of two sons, she discovered a new maturity that propelled her to a bachelor of arts degree in cognitive studies. For her achievement, Bergeron has been named Ashford University's outstanding alum of the month.

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"I graduated from high school and, because of how badly I struggled to get through it, I had decided to not go to college. Instead, I joined the Navy," Bergeron said. "After I gave birth to my oldest son in 2008, I decided to pursue a college degree to prove to my son that education is important."

The road to her degree at Ashford University was not always smooth. Bergeron had her second child while taking courses, dealt with a cross-country move, and also had to manage the devastating and unexpected loss of her mother in the weeks of her final course. Through it all, Bergeron kept working toward her goal.

"I didn't just get through college, I grew with college. I learned so much about my degree, as well as so much about me. The cognitive studies program fit me perfectly. And I think the instructors were wonderful in helping to explain what needed explaining, providing information helpful to the course as well as to the outside world."

Bergeron is pleased with the quality of education she received and enjoyed the online format. "I think the quality of education is fantastic. My classes were so informative. The online program allowed me to stay at home with my children and dedicate time to them, while supporting my husband in the Navy. It also allowed me to work hard and meet deadlines on assignments, which I love because I thrive on structure."

Bergeron, her husband, and their two children are preparing for a move overseas to Japan from California. She attended Ashford's commencement ceremony held in San Diego on October 5, 2014 to celebrate the achievement of completing her degree.

"I did what I never expected myself to do. I did what others never expected me to do. I got my degree, with honors."

For her future, Bergeron sees good things ahead. "Getting my degree has given me a drive to either pursue further education or start a career soon in Japan. One day, maybe, I would even love to work for Ashford. I think Ashford is just one of those places that is so welcoming, you feel you are where you belong."

To read more about Alyssa Bergeron's story, visit the Alumni page on the Ashford website.

The Ashford University Outstanding Alum of the Month recognition was created to spotlight Ashford success stories and graduates who have used their Ashford education as a springboard to personal and professional achievement.

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