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National Nutrition Month: Five Fitness & Nutrition Apps to Improve Health
Ashford University faculty offers tech tips to stay motivated in March

March is National Nutrition Month. Sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month is dedicated to communicating the importance of healthy eating and physical activity habits.

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According to the Pew Research Center 2012 Mobile Health study, 52 percent of smartphone owners gather health information from their phones and 19 percent of smartphone owners have at least one health-related app on their phone, including exercise, diet, and weight apps.

To assist smartphone users during National Nutrition Month, Sandra Rebeor, faculty member at Ashford University's College of Health, Human Services, and Science, recommends the following fitness and nutrition apps to stay motivated and improve health:

MyFitnessPal – Completely free of charge, MyFitnessPal contains more than four million food items to help you keep track of calorie consumption and allows you to monitor exercise patterns. Track progress, set goals, and monitor your daily activities and eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Nike Training Club – Can't make it to the gym due to a tight budget or packed schedule? Nike Training Club provides more than 100 full-body workouts (no matter your level of fitness) based on research and expertise from professionals in the field. All sessions were developed by Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis and include yoga and Pilates workouts. This app works on your schedule, allowing you to choose between 15, 30, and 45 minute sessions.

Runtastic – From walking to running to biking, Runtastic allows you to track various exercises and uses GPS technology to assist you in reaching goals. With more than 40 million registered users, it's a global fitness community that's fun and motivational, whether you're training for a marathon or trying to get those sought-after six pack abs.

Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation – Increasing relaxation time benefits health. We should recharge our batteries frequently so that burn-out can be prevented and emotional, physical, and psychological health and wellness can be ensured. With video content from Dr. Monica Frank, a psychologist and trainer in Tai Chi and Sport & Exercise Psychology, the Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation app focuses on stress management, meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness.

Get Rich or Die Smoking­ – If you're a smoker trying to kick the bad habit, Get Rich or Die Smoking is free of charge, offers a reward system, and tracks how your health is improving. Not only that, but it calculates money saved since quitting. You can even share your success on social media and get support from other ex-smokers.

With some motivation and determination, a healthier you may just become simpler – one click at a time.


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