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Robert Lobato, Jr. Named Ashford University’s Outstanding Alum of the Month
Robert Lobato, Jr, Ashford's Alum of the Month

Thanks to a partnership between Ashford University and his employer, Robert Lobato, Jr. seized the perfect opportunity to go to college and earn his bachelor’s degree.

“My biggest hesitation in going back to school was time and money,” Lobato explains. “Thanks to T-Mobile and Ashford University, these hesitations were removed, and I had to take advantage of this great opportunity!”

In 2015, Lobato discovered T-Mobile was participating in Ashford’s Leader Development Grant (LDG) program. The LDG program works in conjunction with the tuition assistance program at participating companies to offer eligible employees an opportunity to pursue a college degree at a reduced cost.

“As soon as the news regarding the Leader Development Grant was out, I made a call to Ashford and spoke to a university advisor who was amazing and helped me enroll all in the same call,” Lobato says.

Lobato enrolled in Ashford’s bachelor of arts in business leadership program, even though he had already achieved a leadership role at T-Mobile. His decision to pursue a degree wasn’t just about becoming a business leader; it was a chance to be a role model to his three daughters.

“Pursuing my degree has been meaningful both professionally and personally,” says Lobato. “Professionally, earning my bachelor’s degree in leadership allows for me to flex the refined leadership skills that I learned in addition to opening up doors for future career opportunities. Personally, I am able to inspire my daughters to follow in my footsteps and pursue further education as they grow up.”

Lobato graduated summa cum laude at the end of 2016, and took part in the commencement ceremony held in October in San Diego, Calif. He was also invited to join academic honor societies such as Alpha Sigma Lambda, Golden Key International Honour Society, Sigma Beta Delta, and SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society.

Lobato has advice for anyone who is thinking about pursing a degree. “You live life once. Make the most out of it. Stop making excuses and do it!” he says. “If I can accomplish this with a family and a salaried position in which I invested over 60 hours a week, then you can, too.”


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