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Ashford Begins New MBA Program

The first students enrolled in Ashford University’s new accelerated M.B.A. courses are excited about the program that will allow them to get an advanced business degree in as little as 16 months.  New students are being accepted to start the M.B.A. program on November 15 or January 10. 

The accelerated format M.B.A. program is offered both at the Clinton campus and online.  Students enrolled in the on-campus program attend one six-week course at a time one night each week, with a total of eleven courses in the program. Up to nine credits can be transferred from other programs. 

The first online classes started in April, while the on-campus program began earlier this month.

Many students prefer face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates in the classroom, while others like the online experience.

“I have always wanted to pursue an M.B.A. since graduating from high school. Every time I got a step closer (my A.S. and my B.A.), I wanted it more,” said Kent Meyer of Sterling, Illinois.

“The accelerated format is great. I love getting it done quickly. I finished my B.A. as a part-time student and I didn’t want to take six years to get my M.B.A.,” he said

Nicole Summerfield, who works out-of-state as a marketing coordinator and is enrolled in the online M.B.A program, agreed with Meyer’s thoughts on the Ashford program. “The accelerated format of the course is wonderful,” she said. “It is much easier to begin a program when you know there is light at the end of the tunnel in just over a year’s time. I chose Ashford’s program because it is much less expensive than other programs and is accelerated. The program is rigorous and sets you off into the job market in no time. Unnecessary classes are eliminated and the course material is straight to the point,” Summerfield noted.

Lisa Kramer from Fulton, Illinois had been thinking about getting her M.B.A. ever since she graduated with a B.A. from Mount St. Clare College. She was excited when Ashford announced plans to offer an accelerated M.B.A. program. “I’ll be able to get my master’s degree a lot quicker with this program than I could have by enrolling in a traditional M.B.A. program.”

Katie Magnuson, a student from California, said, “I would rather work hard for 18 months and be done than having the courses be longer and take longer to finish.”

Ashford has assembled a group of business experts to teach its M.B.A. courses and expects to add more members to its adjunct faculty. Nearly 40 people applied for faculty positions during the University’s recent Job Fair.

Anyone interested in enrolling or teaching in the program should contact Ashford University.

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