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Julie Ann McCoy Percevecz Alumni Success Story
Ashford's latest student success story is putting her degree to work in the classroom

After 25 years in the teaching profession, Julie Ann McCoy Percevecz was already an experienced educator when she enrolled at Ashford University to pursue her Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology (MATLT) degree. But she was able to take the new knowledge she gained during her online master’s degree program and use it in her interactions with her students. Because of her success in applying her education to her career, Percevecz has been named Ashford’s latest Outstanding Alum of the Week.

Before attending Ashford, Percevecz already had a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s in counseling, but she hoped to transition into a role as an online instructor.

“Technology is the future of education,” Percevecz added. “My classroom kiddos benefit from this degree every day. The tools and knowledge I have gained from the program are priceless, and I share them with my coworkers on a day-to-day basis as well.”

The degree’s positive impact on her ability to shine professionally is clear. Recently, while developing a program for her students, Percevecz drew from her Ashford coursework to develop a training presentation that her whole district then used. In fact, many projects that have to do with technology are now routinely assigned to Percevecz, a position she relishes. “I have led the way with my team several times on developing lessons that have been used throughout the school.”

The impact has been no less profound on her students. “There were several activities I pulled directly from my MATLT course activities, including the ability to convert a typical lecture lesson into an online activity that was 100 percent completed at home with parents and presented in class. Everyone was excited about the whole process.”

This latest step in Percevecz’s life-long quest for learning is one that has benefitted so many areas of her life. “Ashford pushed me intellectually. Going to Ashford has been a confidence booster for me to pursue inquiries regarding technologies used in our classrooms today. I now see that without knowledge of what there is to be offered, one would never know to push for cutting-edge technologies.”

Percevecz offers some advice to others who are contemplating a return to school as a path to enhancing their careers: “Your education is something that's never too late to receive and will never be regretted.”


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