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Ashford University Announces New Master's Degrees in Psychology, Accountancy, and Criminal Justice
Three new master's programs expand Ashford's degree offerings

Ashford University has added three new online master’s degree programs to its academic offerings. The Master of Arts in Psychology (MAPSY), the Master of Accountancy (MACC), and the Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) degree programs all launched today.

The Master of Arts in Psychology program guides students though an in-depth exploration of the psychology discipline. At the core of the program is the “generalist model,” a conceptual framework that emphasizes an understanding of the underlying processes of human experience and behavior, as well as core knowledge, theories, and research in the field of psychology.

The program offers a career-focused curriculum and incorporates e-portfolios that provide a dynamic, developmental space for students to house examples of their skills and achievements. Students in the MAPSY program will be invited to participate in Ashford’s online Psychology Learning Community, which offers students the chance to interact with faculty and participate in psychology-related programming and activities that focus on student success.

“Our priority in this program is to foster student success for diverse groups of adult learners,” said Dr. Jeral Kirwan, program chair in the College of Health, Human Services, and Science at Ashford University. “Aligned with the mission of the University, students in the MAPSY program will gain an understanding of human behavior, personality, and motivation. The MAPSY program will foster many opportunities for personal growth and facilitate the use of psychological principles and practices for responsible leadership, lifelong learning, and cultural competence in a wide variety of settings.”

The Master of Accountancy degree program focuses on preparing students for professional careers in accounting. It was designed to develop technical knowledge while enhancing analytical, communication, and decision-making skills. Taught by faculty that includes certified public accountants, the program helps prepare students for careers in public, corporate, and non-business accounting positions. The MACC degree features four different specializations students can select to further focus their area of study. The specializations include Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Audit, and Tax.

“Pursuing the Master of Accountancy program, students will learn the role accounting plays in providing financial information,” said Dr. Wayne Hollman, academic department chair for the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program prepares students for professional careers in the field of criminal justice. The rapid advance of technology has created an expanding need for criminal justice professionals with advanced skills to grapple with the criminal justice issues of the 21st century. This program develops students’ knowledge and skills in the areas of criminal law, criminal justice, forensics and crime scene investigations, cybercrime and technology, management, constitutional processes, ethics, victimology, comparisons of criminal justice systems, and other current and related topics. The MSCJ provides students with an understanding of social problems and social responsibility perspectives.

The MSCJ degree also features four different specializations: Cybercrime & Technology, Forensic Science, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration.

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