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New Peace Pole Will be Placed at Ashford University
Replacement pole continues tradition of peace on campus

A tradition of peace that started almost two decades ago will continue at Ashford University when a new peace pole is placed on campus on Monday, April 21.

Through the efforts of a peacemaking class project, a campus “peace garden” was dedicated after months of planning and hard work on April 21, 1995. As part of the 1995 ceremony, a peace pole adorned with peace greetings in four languages – Spanish, Arabic, Mesqwaki, and English – was placed in the peace garden located across from the Durgin Educational Center. The site was originally part of a larger terraced garden used for many historic campus events.

Nineteen years of Midwestern weather had taken their toll on the original wooden peace pole, so students again spearheaded an initiative to replace it. “The peace pole stands for all the good in the world,” said Charlie Holsinger, one of the Ashford students who participated in the peace pole effort. “It wouldn't be right to let it continue to degrade. Peace is a concept and life choice that should always be on our minds.”

“A beautiful tradition was started at Ashford University,” said Rocio Ayard-Ochoa, associate director of campus student affairs. “We were the first institution in the Clinton area to plant a peace pole and our Student Government Association (SGA) would like to continue embracing the tradition and promoting peace on campus. SGA decided to seek support from the Clinton Peace Coalition and they graciously donated the peace pole to be planted on April 21, the same day it was planted previously.”

The Clinton Peace Coalition has donated peace poles to all of the schools in Clinton and to Clinton Community College.

The public is invited to the dedication ceremony that will be held in the peace garden at 4 p.m.


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